DID YOU KNOW? Over 130,000 Australians have Type 1 diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic disease in children, and is more common than cancer and cystic fibrosis.
DID YOU KNOW? People with Type 1 diabetes face many serious long term health complications.
Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong incurable disease, and without daily insulin injections people with Type 1 diabetes would die.
DID YOU KNOW? The cost to Australia of Type 1 diabetes is estimated to be $600m per annum.
DID YOU KNOW? Over 275 people a day are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 1 million Australians have Type 2 diabetes.
DID YOU KNOW? The cost to Australia of diabetes is nearly $7billion per annum.
DID YOU KNOW? Over 60% of people with Type 2 diabetes can overcome it with fitness and healthy lifestyle.
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The Born to Run Foundation is a registered Health Promotion Charity.

It is has ATO approved Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means any donations made to the Foundation of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The purpose of Born to Run Foundation is very clear and focussed.

The Born to Run Foundation will undertake a range of activities to raise funds to contribute towards research efforts to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. In addition the Foundation intends to have a strong focus on implementing real and tangible initiatives that will help those with diabetes and depression improve their health and fitness, assisting them in reversing the adverse impacts of these diseases.

The conclusion of the March 2012 Baker IDI institute “Diabetes the Silent epidemic” report states the following:

“Diabetes represents a major and growing challenge to the health and economy of our nation. The size of the current and future impact of diabetes on individuals, families and communities mandates that the substantial work on its management done so far is significantly expanded. New interventions are needed, and established interventions must be made available to all who would benefit from them.

Adoption of healthy lifestyles is essential for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, but substantial progress in this area will only occur within a framework of societal and government support for and facilitation of appropriate lifestyle choices. Continued government funding for research to help find a cure and improved treatments for type 1 diabetes is essential as there is no mechanism for the prevention of this disease.”

By adopting the Born to Run Foundations mission – “Fitness for Fighting Diabetes”  the Foundation  intends to contribute to the “Framework for societal support for facilitation of appropriate lifestyle choices.” which will help to reduce the growing burden on individuals and society caused by the diabetes epidemic.