DID YOU KNOW? Over 130,000 Australians have Type 1 diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic disease in children, and is more common than cancer and cystic fibrosis.
DID YOU KNOW? People with Type 1 diabetes face many serious long term health complications.
Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong incurable disease, and without daily insulin injections people with Type 1 diabetes would die.
DID YOU KNOW? The cost to Australia of Type 1 diabetes is estimated to be $600m per annum.
DID YOU KNOW? Over 275 people a day are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 1 million Australians have Type 2 diabetes.
DID YOU KNOW? The cost to Australia of diabetes is nearly $7billion per annum.
DID YOU KNOW? Over 60% of people with Type 2 diabetes can overcome it with fitness and healthy lifestyle.

DAYS 4 & 5 STAGES 3 & 4 (Ron Schwebel)

 Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Stage 3 was a short day due to losing the morning to bad weather. The course was 1.2 km. 500m up, a bit of flat then down, a bit of flat.
The elevation gain was 130m, ave grade 26%, so quite steep, esp on soft snow.
We were going for 2 1/2 hours, but not a lot of km.

After the finish it was the usual routine. Put on all clothing I have, get cold, hands ache with cold, go back to the warm ship.

I have been fighting off a bug since the start, and had been coughing a lot on stages 2 and 3, although feeling ok. But after Stage 3 I really felt it when I got back. Shivers and a fever. The ships doctor, Astrid heard me coughing and checked me out and referred me to the RTP Doctor, Suzie. She said I had a fever gave me some antibiotics, and said "take it easy tomorrow". We had been told it was planned to be 10 hours tomorrow, so that's a long time to take it easy.

I was excused from the onshore camping that the other runners did. Phew! I slept ok, but sweated up 3 Tee shirts.

Day 5 dawned to a 30 knot breeze. Too windy to go ashore The expedition leader showed us the weather chart and said we would head to calmer waters. That was a relief for me as I went back to bed. I could have run but was glad not to.

My condition improved during the day, so much that I wanted to race in the afternoon. Mainly so that we would finish the Grand Slam today, and not yesterday. i.e. We could really celebrate crossing the finish.
The course was quite easy, flat, but soft snow over a 1.2km loop.
Lap by lap became easier as the snow was flattened, although the weather got cooler, and we had constant snow.
I had trouble seeing the track through my dark glasses, as the light was low (5pm start, very cloudy). It was too bright to not use them, as the snow blinds you after a while without sunglasses.
We ran for only 1:40, as the cutoff was the leader getting to 200km total.

Then we finished. WOOP!
WE HAVE COMPLETED TO 4 DESERTS GRAM SLAM, the first team to do so.
Plenty of photos taken at the end, plenty of time to get cold.

I froze again getting back but feel much improved tonight.

Tomorrow is a cruise day with an optional shore visit in the morning.
I feel I will probably have a long sleep in, esp after tonight's celebrations. (Now 11:30 pm)

I might blog again in a day or two, but the event is over, we did it!

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