DID YOU KNOW? Over 130,000 Australians have Type 1 diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic disease in children, and is more common than cancer and cystic fibrosis.
DID YOU KNOW? People with Type 1 diabetes face many serious long term health complications.
Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong incurable disease, and without daily insulin injections people with Type 1 diabetes would die.
DID YOU KNOW? The cost to Australia of Type 1 diabetes is estimated to be $600m per annum.
DID YOU KNOW? Over 275 people a day are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 1 million Australians have Type 2 diabetes.
DID YOU KNOW? The cost to Australia of diabetes is nearly $7billion per annum.
DID YOU KNOW? Over 60% of people with Type 2 diabetes can overcome it with fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Name: Roger Hanney
Team member, Born to Run 

Story: Since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes four years ago, Roger Hanney, 38, has been running the toughest - and most exhilarating - race of his life. 

A true believer in the transformative power of endurance sports as key to keeping his mind and body fit, since his diagnosis Roger has run three half-marathons, five road marathons, New Zealand's toughest mountain marathon, a 50km desert race in USA, five 100km races, Australia's toughest 100-miler The Great North Walk, and twice paced a runner on Australia's 150-mile version of Badwater. His weekly training regime ranges from running 70 - 200km. 

Last year, Roger was selected as the first Australian to be flown to Minnesota by Medtronic as part of their Global Heroes Program where he competed in his first international marathon. Not only was he the fastest Medtronic Global Hero, he ascended a 14,000 ft mountain solo in Colorado for his first taste of running at altitude.

 Roger is currently Chief Running Officer for endurance running shoe brand Hoka OneOne in Australia. He is Chief Troublemaker at www.trailrunmag.com and writes freelance for Outer Edge. 

He holds a BA in Mass Communications and a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. 

Roger's partner, Jess Baker, is also a Born to Run team member and next year they both hope to undertake the 200-mile race, Tor Des Geants, in Italy.

He is not as hot as she is.